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lower our TDS significantly

December 15, 2018

Being on a well is hard to keep our pool water perfect. We thought our only option was to drain and refill until we heard about Triton. Triton was able to filter out existing water without much waste and lower our TDS significantly. Jeff was great and explained the RO process to us as well as monitored our pool’s chemical balance for the entire process. Our regular pool servicer came by today and commented all our levels look excellent. Thank you Triton!!

Association Membership & Partners

Association Membership & Partners

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Independent pool & spa service association San Diego
The Independent Pool and Spa Service Association was formed in 1988 as a result of a merger between IPSA and Cal-IPSA. These two organizations were a part of the original association founded in 1961 for the purpose of pool service technicians coming together in order to help each other in times of illness, injury, or disability.
Triton Water Renewal uses National Testing Laboratories for all in depth water testing. We provide our discount as a water provider and specialist to all of our customers who wish to get this done. We only recommend using this resource for well water and some commercial applications. Please click on the link to get a good look at what they test for.
WQA is the leading voice of the residential, commercial, industrial and small community water treatment industry, representing more than 2,500 manufacturers, suppliers and dealers worldwide.

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